Neck pillow
with ventilation shafts

Gorilla Healthy

Gorilla Healthy neck pillow with ventilation waves

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Gorilla Healthy neck pillow with ventilation waves, solid core

The Gorilla Healthy neck pillow with ventilation waves or grooves is not just a simple pillow; it is a real blessing. Using dense viscoelastic memory foam, it goes beyond traditional pillows and offers unique benefits for a restful sleep. It adapts perfectly to the individual body shape, ensures optimal support for the cervical spine and effectively prevents morning headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Kern aus Memory-Schaum✔️
🦍 perforated core made of visco foam (polyurethane memory foam)
🦍 Hardness level: Firm, for those who prefer hard pillows
🦍 Helps prevent diseases of the cervical spine in the wrong position
🦍 thanks to the grooves or ventilation waves on the surface of the core for good ventilation and moisture transport
🦍 Temperature-resistant
🦍 odorless

Bambus Bezug✔️
🦍 indispensable for allergy sufferers thanks to the bamboo cover
🦍 sustainable, environmentally friendly and breathable bamboo cover
🦍 Skin-friendly cover that is also suitable for allergy sufferers
🦍 Removable cover that is washable at up to 40°C

Gorilla Healthy PillowHardness Guideline

Gorilla Gesund Kissen Härtegrad Guideline
  1. Firm: The pillow is very firm and provides solid support with minimal give. It provides a solid surface for those who prefer greater hardness. 🡲 This is the hardness level for this neck pillow✔️
  2. Moderately Firm: The pillow has a moderate level of firmness, providing a balance between support and softness. It offers a comfortable surface with light padding.
  3. Medium: The pillow has a neutral softness and offers a balanced mix of support and comfort. It is neither too firm nor too soft and appeals to a wide range of preferences.
  4. Moderately soft: The cushion is moderately soft and offers a gentle cushioning effect. It provides a cozy and comfortable surface that conforms to the contours of the head and neck.
  5. Soft: The pillow is very soft and offers a cozy and cushioned feel. It provides a cloud-like sensation and is ideal for those who prefer a luxuriously soft sleeping experience.

The Gorilla Healthy neck pillow with ventilation waves is made of dense viscoelastic foam with a memory effect, adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, creates good support for the cervical spine, prevents morning headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It helps to prevent diseases of the cervical spine, being in the wrong position for a long time.

Equipped with a system of additional ventilation waves or grooves on the surface of the visco foam core ensure good ventilation and rapid air flow.

It increases the comfort of sleep. Particularly recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their side. The rounded profile in the front part of the pillow reflects the movement of the head during sleep.

It is an odorless, viscoelastic open cell polyurethane foam based on temperature influence and memory effect. In response to human body heat and support points, the viscoelastic foam becomes softer and warmer in the higher pressure areas.

Gorilla Healthy neck pillow with ventilation waves

Bamboo Fiber Blend Cover


The pillow is equipped with a bamboo fiber mix cover that is both sustainable and extremely comfortable. Bamboo fabric is soft, durable and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. It is also particularly breathable and temperature-regulating, which means it offers a comfortable sleeping environment in all seasons.



    • Suitable for side and back sleepers
    • Not suitable for stomach sleepers
    • Due to production, the pillow may have a slight smell of its own, which is completely harmless and disappears after a few days of care


    • You can use the sleeping pillow directly with the included cover.
    • The cover and the bamboo cover are removable and washable up to 40°C
    • You can order replacement covers in our web shop


    • The core is not machine washable!
    • Above all, the spin cycle should be avoided
    • Light hand washing followed by air drying is possible


    • 48 x 31 cm, height approx. 7-11 cm


    • Foam density 58 kg/m³: The visco foam has an optimal supporting effect and is also pleasantly medium-hard
    • for those who prefer hard pillows
    • solid core
    • Ventilation shafts ensure good ventilation in the pillow core


    • Bamboo fiber cover has antimicrobial and antistatic properties thanks to the incorporated bamboo fibers
    • Material: 28% Bambus, 72% Polyester
    • Colors: white

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Top Qualität

    Da ich mit meinen normalen Kissen nicht gut schlafe, bzw. am nächsten Morgen oft Nackenschmerzen habe, wollte ich nun einmal dieses orthopädische Nackenkissen ausprobieren. Allein die Tatsache, dass dieses Kissen fester ist als die, die ich vorher benutzt habe, macht für mich bereits einen Unterschied. Das Kissen ist qualitativ verarbeitet und bereits beim Auspacken sieht man direkt, welche Leidenschaft der Hersteller in das Produkt gesteckt hat. Ich werde mir die größere Variante zusätzlich bestellen.

    festes Kissen

    dieses Kisssen liegt wie ein Ziegelstein unter dem Kopf und entlastet null Druck in der ersten Nacht. Nach einiger Zeit für ein Rückenkissen auf dem Sofa, wurde es etwas weicher. Also benutze ich es für ein Nickerchen.


    Für mich ist es viel zu hart, es gibt kein bisschen nach. Es hat eine gute Höhe. Aber aufgrund der Härte kann ich es nicht als Kopfpolster für die Nacht nehmen. Aber es ist gut für ein zusätzliches Kissen zum Lesen oder Anlehnen.

    K. Hartmann
    traumhaft schlafen!

    Sehr gut und unbedingt weiter zu empfehlen. Wir haben die Schlafkissen täglich im Gebrauch und sie den Kindern auch gekauft.


    Gorilla Healthy

    Orthopedic memory foam neck pillows

    Memory foam responds to your weight and body heat, softening and conforming to the lines of your head, neck and shoulders.

    Gorilla Healthy Bamboo Series
    Bamboo fiber mix cover: sustainable and comfortable

    The neck pillows from the Gorilla Healthy Bamboo series are equipped with a bamboo fiber blend cover that combines both comfort and environmental awareness. Bamboo fabric is known for its softness, breathability and wrinkle resistance compared to cotton. Aside from comfort, bamboo as a material offers many ecological advantages. It is a rapidly renewable resource that, unlike pesticide-intensive cotton, does not require toxic chemicals. Bamboo also requires little water and its roots help maintain soil, preventing erosion and flooding. The sleeping pillow with bamboo cover embodies both sleeping comfort and sustainability.

    Bamboo is soft and durable

    Bamboo fibers are particularly smooth due to their round shape and feel softer than cotton. This softness combined with the longevity of the fibers makes bamboo a durable and comfortable material. Unlike other fabrics, bamboo products are less susceptible to wear and tear and stay in good condition longer.

    Bamboo is hypoallergenic

    Our covers are antibacterial. If you suffer from sensitive skin, allergies or skin diseases, bamboo is the right choice. The organic, naturally smooth fibers of bamboo are particularly gentle and pleasant on the skin and do not cause irritation. Bamboo covers are also sweat-absorbing and temperature-regulating.

    Bamboo is breathable

    Due to its unique fiber structure, bamboo absorbs up to four times more moisture than cotton and releases it quickly. This makes it particularly breathable and versatile. In summer, bamboo fabric is particularly cooling and quickly regulates perspiration. In winter it stores the body's heat and therefore keeps you warm.

    Did you know how gorillas sleep?

    Sleeping is important for gorillas. Unlike other mammals/monkeys/primates, gorillas carefully build new nests every day. Sleep is so important to them. Shortly before dusk, they begin to build their own personal nest where they will spend the night. They spend around 12 hours each day in their tailor-made, comfortable nest. We, Gorilla Health, ensure a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment, just like gorillas do.

    Gorilla Healthy offers you a deep and dense sleep solution

    Constructing a gorilla nest is not an easy task as it must be designed to accommodate the weight of the gorilla and provide him with comfort during the night. The ergonomic design of our pillows supports the weight of your head, neck and shoulders, eliminating any pain during the day.

    General information

    Getting used to it

    When switching from conventional pillows to foam pillows, a certain period of getting used to it is completely normal. We therefore recommend a trial period of one week to get used to it. If you still don't like the sleeping pillow, you can easily return it within a month.


    Due to the manufacturing process, the core of the pillow may have an odor of its own. The smell is not harmful and will disappear after a few days.


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