Malie Salento neck pillow with massage effect

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Malie neck support pillow Salento made of memory foam with massage effect

  • Material: Viscoelastic foam (memory) RG55 - The viscofoam optimally supports the cervical spine and relieves the shoulder muscles
  • Massage effect - The nubs on the surface create a massage effect for more relaxation and also promote air circulation
  • Skin-friendly cover: 100% polyester - the elasticity supports the effect of the pillow
  • Care: Cover removable & washable up to 60°C
  • Size: 70 cm x 35 cm x 13 cm
  • Size in transport bag (rolled): 40 cm x 15 cm diameter

Gorilla Healthy PillowHardness Guideline

Gorilla Gesund Kissen Härtegrad Guideline
  1. Firm: The pillow is very firm and provides solid support with minimal give. It provides a solid surface for those who prefer greater hardness.
  2. Moderately Firm: The pillow has a moderate level of firmness, providing a balance between support and softness. It offers a comfortable surface with light padding.
  3. Medium: The pillow has a neutral softness and offers a balanced mix of support and comfort. It is neither too firm nor too soft and appeals to a wide range of preferences.
  4. Moderately soft: The pillow is moderately soft and offers a gentle cushioning effect. It provides a cozy and comfortable surface that conforms to the contours of the head and neck. 🡲 This is the hardness level for this neck pillow✔️
  5. Soft: The pillow is very soft and offers a cozy and cushioned feel. It provides a cloud-like sensation and is ideal for those who prefer a luxuriously soft sleeping experience.

Product video

    High-quality viscoelastic neck support pillow for optimal relief

    The Salento viscoelastic neck support pillow offers you optimal positioning of the cervical spine and at the same time relieves the strain on the shoulder muscles. Thanks to the high-quality visco foam (memory foam) with a density of RG55, you can rely on a perfect fit to your body.

    The surface of the cushion has nubs that create a pleasant massage effect. This not only promotes relaxation, but also supports air circulation for a pleasant sleeping environment.

    The skin-friendly cover is made of 100% polyester and is not only pleasant on the skin, but also supports the effect of the pillow thanks to its elasticity. The cover is removable and can be easily washed at up to 60°C to ensure hygienic use.

    With a size of 70 cm x 35 cm x 13 cm, the neck support pillow offers enough space and comfort. If you want to take it with you on the go, you can easily roll it up to a size of 40 cm x 15 cm (diameter) in the included transport bag.

    Treat yourself to the luxury of a high-quality viscoelastic neck support pillow that optimally supports your cervical spine, relieves the shoulder muscles and ensures a restful sleep. The massage effect and good air circulation contribute to your well-being, while the removable and washable cover allows for easy care.


    Gorilla Healthy

    Orthopedic memory foam pillows

    Memory foam responds to your weight and body heat, softening and conforming to the lines of your head, neck and shoulders.

    Did you know how gorillas sleep?

    Sleeping is important for gorillas. Unlike other mammals/monkeys/primates, gorillas carefully build new nests every day. Sleep is so important to them. Shortly before dusk, they begin to build their own personal nest where they will spend the night. They spend approximately 12 hours each day in their custom-made, comfortable nest. We, Gorilla Health, ensure a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment, just like gorillas do.

    Gorilla Healthy offers you a deep and dense sleep solution

    Constructing a gorilla nest is not an easy task as it must be designed to accommodate the weight of the gorilla and provide him with comfort during the night. The ergonomic design of our pillows supports the weight of your head, neck and shoulders, eliminating any pain during the day.

    General information

    Getting used to it

    When switching from conventional pillows to foam pillows, a certain period of getting used to it is completely normal. We therefore recommend a trial period of one week to get used to it. If you still don't like the sleeping pillow, you can easily return it within a month.


    Due to the manufacturing process, the core of the pillow may have an odor of its own. The smell is not harmful and will disappear after a few days.


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