Respiratory therapy device RC-Cornet, basic cornet

Respiratory therapy device RC-Cornet, basic cornet

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  • Effectively clears the airways of stubborn bronchial mucus
  • Meets the highest clinical standards (KRINKO) in terms of application and hygiene (up to 134°C / multi-patient use)
  • Can be combined with a wet nebulizer using an adapter solution for improved medication distribution and shortened treatment times
  • Suitable for children and adults, regardless of location
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Breathing therapy device for the lower respiratory tract - loosens mucus, reduces cough and shortness of breath

Research shows that regular treatment with the RC-Cornet® reduces the need for antibiotics and reduces the need for hospitalization.

Discover more information about respiratory therapy with the RC-Cornet®

Application of the RC-Cornet®

To use the RC-Cornet®, put the mouthpiece on and surround it with your lips. Then breathe in slowly through your nose and then slowly breathe out through your mouth while holding the mouthpiece. This creates gentle pressure in the bronchi that treats the airways (OPEP breathing therapy).

It is recommended to use the RC-Cornet® for acute mucus accumulation 3 times a day for 2 to 5 minutes. After the first use of the RC-Cornet® you will feel a positive effect on your respiratory tract as the stubborn bronchial mucus is loosened. A long-term improvement in health is achieved through regular training with the RC-Cornet®.


Areas of application

You have:

  • frequently recurring respiratory infections?
  • Shortness of breath quickly when exerting yourself?
  • Dry cough or problems coughing up mucus?
  • Strong cough with sputum especially in the morning?

The RC-Cornet®

  • Effectively clears the airways of stuck bronchial mucus
  • relieves irritative cough
  • reduces the need for antibiotics and the frequency of hospital stays
  • meets the highest clinical requirements

Professional associations recommend the RC‑Cornet® for the following clinical pictures:

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