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RC-Cornet PLUS Nasal

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RC-Cornet® PLUS Nasal

Breathing therapy device for the upper respiratory tract - effective, simple and good

The RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is a respiratory therapy device for loosening and removing secretions in the nasopharynx. When used, it creates positive pressure and vibrations that are transmitted to the entire nasopharynx. These have a long-term decongestant, expectorant and regenerating effect, especially in chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Studies prove1)

  • that regular therapy with RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL leads to a dissolution of the mucous ducts and that airway resistance and bronchial hyperreactivity are significantly reduced by physiotherapy with RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL compared to saline inhalation alone.

Clear nose without medication

The RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is a further development of the RC Cornet® N. It has many innovative elements that simplify daily use.*

product features

  • Clears the upper respiratory tract of mucus, e.g. in chronic sinusitis
  • relieves cough in postnasal drip syndrome
  • reduces bronchial hyperreactivity 1), e.g. B. in asthma
  • helps with nasal spray addiction (privinism)
  • improves ventilation of the paranasal sinuses and middle ear
  • also improves diseases of the lower respiratory tract such as COPD or asthma
  • Meets the highest clinical requirements (KRINKO) in terms of application and hygiene (max. 134 °C / multi-patient use)
  • Integrated, ISO-standardized 22 mm nebulizer attachment enables simultaneous breathing and inhalation therapy with nebulizers for improved secretolysis
  • suitable for children and adults

* If there is a lot of polyp formation, the course of therapy cannot be predicted.

Natural therapy for the upper respiratory tract - unique for your health

RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL gently clears the upper respiratory tract of mucus. This allows the mucous membrane to regenerate with regular use. The nose becomes better ventilated and noticeably clearer - without the use of medication.

The risk of descending infections and bronchial hypersensitivities, e.g. in asthma, is reduced.

When you exhale via the RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL, an individually adjustable, positive exhalation pressure with oscillations is generated, which pampers the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tract - comparable to a massage.

Combination therapy with nebulizers

Breathing therapy with the RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL can be combined with wet inhalation by connecting a nebulizer. This improves drug deposition and increases the effectiveness of both therapies.

The adapter with integrated nebulizer connection of the RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL is compatible with most nebulizers. For non-standard nebulizers, we offer the RC-Cornet® PLUS NEBULIZER SET as an accessory.

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