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Sanabelle Beinbeutel U260+, 750 ml

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Sanabelle leg bag U260+, volume 750 ml, tube length 50 cm

The leg bag U260 Plus has a tube length of 50 cm and a volume of 750 ml. According to the manufacturer, the bag can also be left for a maximum of 7 days.

  • 60 pieces, €79.99 (1 piece, €1.33)
  • Incontinence aids
  • Sterile leg bag with check valve
  • T-ventilation valve
  • Step connection with protective cap
  • Easy connection of a bed bag using a silicone tube at the outlet
  • Additional connection for use with shortened hose length
  • clear stimulus scaling
  • Fleece back for pleasant wearing comfort
  • For discreet fixation under clothing
  • Urology cone/step connector

Technical data

Accesories Additional connector for use when shortening the hose length
Emptying T-drain valve with push-in tab
Material fleece back
Check valve Check valve
Hose Silicone hose at the outlet
Duration of use Max. duration of stay: 7 days
Hyg./sterile packaging Individually sterilized packaged
Volume 750 ml
Hose length 50 cm
  •  4050625001292
  •  05973061

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