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Sanabelle bed bag U130, 2,000 ml

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Sanabelle bed bag U130, volume 2,000 ml, tube length 120 cm

The sanabelle U130 bed bag is a standard urine bag for urine drainage in bedridden patients. The bed bag has a capacity of 2000 ml. Thanks to its generous tube length of 120 cm, it can be attached to any part of the bed without the patient finding the tube annoying.

The sanabelle bed bag U130 is equipped with an easy-to-use T-valve that can also be operated with one hand. This means the bag can be emptied quickly and hygienically. A clear plus in the hectic everyday care routine. In addition, the connection is provided with a protective cap so that no urine can escape when the bag is changed.

The bed bag is equipped with a check valve that ensures that no urine can flow back into the bladder. This minimizes the risk of urinary tract infections. A clear scale on the front of the bag ensures that the amount of urine excreted is quickly recorded and the bag can be emptied in a timely manner.

  • Incontinence aids
  • Product name: sanabelle leg bag U130
  • sterile
  • Tube not shortenable
  • Connection: Universal step connector (with protective cap)
  • Drain: T-drain valve with plug-in flap
  • Material: PVC-Foil, latex-free
  • Scale: 50 - 2000 ml
  • Urine backflow preventer: yes
  • Non-woven coating: no
  • PZN 05973090
  • Urology cone/step connector
  • High-quality urine bags for bedside urine drainage
  • Duration of use: up to 7 days

Technical data

Emptying T-discharge valve
Check valve Check valve
Duration of use Max. duration of stay: 7 days
Hyg./sterile packaging Individually sterilized packaged
Volume 2,000 ml (2.0 L)
Hose length 120 cm

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